Married for over 10 years, Maya Badran and Tony Shoushani are the power couple behind Awakening, their combined goal is to make wellbeing and wellness accessible to the community in the UAE as well as around the world through different channels and seminars. Working together in their shared vision, each bringing their own skills to the team, the two see eye to eye, their harmony and love for one another serving as an example of two people walking the walk and talking the talk on a daily basis.

They are the official ThetaHealing Country Event Coordinators for Lebanon and UAE. Both are ThetaHealing Master and Certificate of Science and Integrative Nutrition Health Coaches and raw food chefs. They are also hosts to Vianna Stibal, the founder of ThetaHealing, bringing her to the UAE in 2015, 2017 & 2018. Together, Tony and Maya are certified to teach the following ThetaHealing courses: Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, Dig Deeper, Animal, Disease and Disorder, DNA3, Intuitive Anatomy, Manifesting and Abundance, RHYTHM to a Perfect Weight, Planes of Existence, Plant, Rainbow Children, Soul Mate, World Relations, Family Ties, Game of Life as well as Growing Your Relationship: You and Your Partner & Growing Your Relationship: You and God.

Coming from a corporate background, Tony and Maya have embarked on their joint spiritual journey in 2010 when they discovered ThetaHealing. Walking hand in hand, the two compliment each other with their individual personalities and skills combining with their common dedication to spreading wellness around the world starting from the UAE.

Tony discovered Yoga in 2015, fascinated by the transformation and results he saw in a very short time, he decided to dive deeper into it and went on to get his RYT200 Hatha Yoga teaching certification. He’s adopted Yoga’s principles and ideas into his daily life. His aim is to master balance on the physical, spiritual and mental levels. Maya is also enthusiastic about raw vegan food and healthy eating habits and have since become a raw food chef along with Tony and the two went on to get certified as Integrative Nutrition Health Coaches.

Originally from Lebanon, Tony and Maya live in the UAE where they see clients and teach students to transform their lives with ThetaHealing, Yoga and through healthy eating and focus on a positive mindset.