About Vianna

An intuitive reader, naturopath, artist, spiritual teacher and healer, Vianna founded ThetaHealing in 1995 after witnessing how it happened. Since then, she has dedicated her life to sharing the ThetaHealing technique around the world.

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About ThetaHealing

Ever wish you could change something about your life? ThetaHealing can help you uncover the hidden treasures within you. By going into a theta brainwave you can access and change the blocks in your subconscious mind that were holding you back from living a fully enjoyable life.

ThetaHealing is not a replacement for medical advice, however it does work in conjunction with traditional medicine and across all faiths to help improve your life.

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Theta Brain Wave

Have you ever wondered why your best ideas often come in the shower? That’s because you are more relaxed and less distracted, thus allowing your brain to go into a state associated with daydreaming, creativity, deep relaxation, meditation, intuition and more. This is the theta brainwave, where you access your subconscious mind and the many programs stored within. It is also the state where changing those programs is possible if they no longer suit you.

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